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Residential, from design to installation, we have been involved with everything from single family homes, tract developments and condominiums, to apartments, affordable housing and homeless shelters.

Endless Pools, Lost West Pools provides installation of swim-in-place Endless Pools, including plan preparation, permitting, installation and maintenance.

Commercial, from preliminary design documents to complete construction documents and presentation graphics for projects as diverse as office buildings and business parks, to shopping centers, streetscapes and recreational facilities.

Sustainability, we provide design, installation and maintenance of elements that support sustainable gardens, such as; vegetable gardens, chicken coops, rainwater capture and cisterns, greywater systems, low flow irrigation systems and LED lighting systems, to name a few.

Management, we provide complete landscape analysis and consultation for everything from water-use reduction and replanting, to collecting bids for asphalt repair and tree trimming.

Garden Maintenance, we provide periodic maintenance, usually two to three times per year, of your new or renovated garden.  All work is by hand, without pesticides, unless requested by the owner.

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